Impact of comments on the YouTube channel

Many novice videoblogger using the YouTube platform, ask yourself the question: what is the impact of comments on promotion video, to close them or not, what to remove and what to leave? Let us look at this issue.

To close the comments under the video, by far, impossible. If your videos are closed the possibility of commenting, users will go to another channel and there I will Express my opinion. That would negatively affect the ranking on YouTube of your channel and the video ranked better in the search only if it causes the activity of the audience. On the contrary, it is necessary to encourage people to comment, you can buy youtube comments to bring aspiring blog at high position in the search.

YouTube first drew attention to the time watching the movie, but takes into account secondary factors and one such factor is behavioral. That is, if your video has caused a reaction in the form of likes, dislikes allowed and reviews, it has value. Therefore, I advise you to keep comments open.

Communicate with the audience, respond to them on behalf of the channel. This feedback has a beneficial effect on the loyalty of the audience as you show that you value the opinion of your viewers. You can ask their opinions, have different surveys to suggest topics for creating new videos, answer questions, and so forth. Choose your style of communication and follow him.

With the help of communication in the comments you will show that the channel is the person that brings their ideas to like-minded people. People must maintain communication, if your thoughts are close to them.

Chat on the topic of the video, ask questions to users to encourage communication. Correctly react to criticism, thank them for it, because criticism helps you become better.

How to respond to scandals in the comments?

Sometimes the review takes place very unpleasant situation when one or a few individuals handed out left and right waves of negativity, and sometimes these waves are directed exclusively to the author of the channel.

What to do in this case? Turn off your emotions, don’t start a temper to argue. If you have feelings such as rage and anger, do not go to comments. In the eyes of the users you will lose face, they will simply cease to respect you. Calm down, take a break for other things, and then respond.